The cigarette continues taking great music

2012-03-04 spinetta

The great musician, singer, poet and composer Luis Alberto Spinetta shocked many by joining other people very dear by the Argentine public who recently became ill or died from a disease caused by water pipes for sale smoking.


Almost two years ago to this date died Sandro, icon of national music, because of a complication of his Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), disease that occurs in 20 to 25% of smokers and that can seriously affect the quality of life forcing patients to rely on oxygen tube. Then Cerati had a stroke, a major vascular complications related to smoking, which has left him in a coma since then and now Spinetta, an incredible singer dies at age 62 for lung cancer, disease, 85 -90% of cases occur in smokers.

The “damn cigarette” as he called Sandro the cause of his ailment, spares neither large nor boys. Each one two chronic smokers will die because of snuff, that misleading cylinder from yesteryear was touted as an icon of pleasure and freedom, and we now know that dependency and causes so much pain.

Ten years of life are those who lose on average smokers, so many die at early ages of life, in stages full capacity to produce and give much to society and their loved ones. In Argentina life expectancy is 74 in men and 80 in women.

The addictive properties of nicotine determine that, once you start smoking, it is very difficult to leave. In addition, studies show that half of young people who try a cigarette end up becoming smokers and they will be for an average of 20 years. To this we must add that the cigarette has a 7000 toxic substances of which about 70 are carcinogenic.And these substances not only the smoker sucks … indoors where there is smoking, the aim all such substances, including babies and children.

“There goes the Captain Beto through space …

If this continues as well, or be a sad shadow, no shadow will be sad … “

To remember: the lyrics of his songs, our best tribute will continue fighting for the health of all, in order to prevent drinking by young people and the protection of non-smokers, measures under the recently passed Law 26.687.

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