Music therapy for mother and baby

The music enriches the physical and emotional development of the baby and the mother relaxes

When a baby still in the womb, listening classics as Mozart , Bach and Vivaldi, relax your heart rate, as many experts have observed. The rhythm of these songs induces a state of serenity . Rosa Elena Valderrama, former dean of the College of Obstetricians and gyn nyc of Peru, revealed that, in his experience, music can help pregnant women overcome their problems and reach a healthy baby woman .

Music therapy, she says, enriches the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the baby. It is also used in  hyperactive children , depressive, aggressive and is very useful in the treatment of autistic children to help them overcome their isolation and change behavior patterns; and children with mental disabilities can also benefit from music therapy.

Music for the baby during pregnancy

Music Therapy

Many women, during pregnancy , may suffer a negative emotional charge that results in discomfort, own insecurity or the environment, fear, frustration and sense of failure.Unwittingly, they will be transmitting all that the baby is born, making it a fearful or insecure baby itself. In these cases, music therapy plays an important role: to stimulate a deeper connection between mother and child , and provide tranquility and self -control.

The baby heard music in an orderly and sequential manner during pregnancy, better get breastfeeding and other foods, sleep more and cry less and also because it createdemotional ties positive with her ​​mother through music. Before birth, the baby is able to hear, feel or learn, dream, laugh, memorize and react with their movements.

Also it perceives all the sounds that come through his mother , the one heartbeat, breathing, circulation, digestion, fetal and amniotic fluid. Music promotes musical intelligence and has a relaxing effect . The formation of the personality begins to develop around beautiful melodies, stimulating creativity, concentration  and coordination of the unborn child.

Music therapy during pregnancy

Music therapy not only brings benefits to the baby as the woman is pregnant. Prenatal auditory stimulation achieves greater relaxation of women during labor, reducing their anxiety level, giving greater self – control over pain and awareness of physical sensations. To reduce stress at the time of delivery will also help the baby is born wrapped more serenity. Music therapy regulates mood, happy and softens the states of tension, stress , and depression. It also improves learning , coordination and endurance.

How to apply music therapy

Music therapy is fundamental to work with the baby during gestation tool. Some obstetricians use this therapy to pregnant individually, in groups or in pairs. As a rule, it is a music therapist who is responsible to guide and train women so that among other things can fully enjoy your pregnancy, participating, listening, and expressing the physical sensations that music causes .

Music therapy can also be worked in conjunction with the woman ‘s own obstetrician.For that, you must have a weekly date approximately one hour. From the fourth month of gestation , the baby already has his hearing aid developed. This is the best time to start therapy. At home, the mother can also continue with therapy. Start by choosing a serene and melodious music. Mozart’s songs, especially, are highly recommended.Listen to them patiently, and then you can sing to the baby . That will favor the bond of mother and baby.

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