How Classical Music Hypnosis Help You


images (5)Hypnosis – the transfer of the necessary information (assimilation that occurs without a direct assessment destination) and the impact on the functioning of the neuro-psychic system. The method of suggestion specialist makes the patient experience needed for the treatment of sensations, install (both personal and social ), emotions and volitional impulses, and in addition there is a positive effect on the autonomic system without any interference in the process of the individual.
Why music controls us, forcing us to do these things that we would never have done in the normal state? The answer to this lies in our brain structures. On the ability of music to influence human consciousness was known to our ancestors. In ancient times, shamans lead people into a state of trance with their hypnotic melodies. But the world does not stand still: people have changed, changed and technology.

And if the shamans of ancient times have used drums and tambourines, then the modern shamans – DJ’s other equipment: turntables, a mixer and speakers. It is scientifically proven that these audio tools, like a human voice, flute, drums and other percussion effect on the state of the human brain, more precisely, on its neurological activity. For a proper understanding of the question first should go back to the school course of biology. Both human cerebral hemispheres are responsible for different functions. The left is responsible for conscious, verbal, logical, rational and analytical content. The rules (non-dominant in most people) hemisphere is filled with abstract, synthetic, visual and intuitive content.

When a person is enhanced theta activity and enters into a hypnotic trance state, this means that the right brain is actively stimulated. After all, the non-dominant hemisphere (again, for the most part) and allows people to go into a sort of euphoric state of nirvana. The main “stimulants” for this condition are the sounds and music, which stimulate the increase of cellular activity of the human body. The relationship between the non-dominant hemisphere with spatial and intuitive aspects of the human mind is very, very close, so the music can be administered to a human in a so-called trance state even without the help of any drugs. Often we can see the look of this unusual state of consciousness (when stimulated nedomintnom Hemisphere ) as the active perception of many mental motives, such as deep-seated emotions, fantasies and archetypal conflict and drama. Namely, in this state, it sharpens the senses and perception becomes more active and sophisticated. Simply put, human sensitivity is enhanced, he begins to see something that was not paying attention before.

When listening to music its rhythm is in resonance with the rhythm of the brain structures. Any music, influencing brain waves changes the emotional state of the listener, thus willingly or not willingly enters it into an altered state of consciousness (trance). Some tunes make it faster, others slower. Of great importance here played by the frequency, amplitude, rhythm. Music sounds affect not only human auditory receptors: the music can be listened to, not only the ears, the sound of a man feels every pore of his body. And depending on the rhythm, the tempo of composition, frequency and use tools and change the state of a person. The main sphere of influence of music – it is the nervous system, with which the right of action of DJ can make a lot of “reincarnation” to her: to excite and arouse or soothe and pacify.

Exploring the phenomenon of the impact of music on the listener, we have concluded that the level and strength the impact of classical music are very different from pop. You can read more about the training of musical hypnosis to NLP Coaching Australia. Classical music touches deep, archetypical structure of our unconscious. Trance state while there are slower, but they are deeper and cause feelings in strength approaching the transpersonal. Out of this state slowly. Classical Music Рa profound effect on our psyche, and not everyone wants to and is willing to look inside yourself, in your unconscious!

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