The Hydraulophone, a musical instrument that sounds with water


For music lovers and those who like the bizarre in the world of music, I present the body of water called the Hydraulophone, an instrument that is played as a flute, but instead of plugging the holes so that no air comes out, they cover so no water comes out and it sounds like a piano.Inside is continually circulating the water, a very interesting instrument!

The inventor of this instrument is Mr Steve Mann – an engineer working inĀ pur water pitcher research and has been used as a method of sensory exploration for people with low vision is for this reason that in some cities in Canada have been installed several of this instrument in every public space.

This instrument is made from pipes hoses and water and a container to deposit the water with which the instrument will get the sound. The main part or the main tube that will be sound has 12 water jets, one for each of the 12 notes, initially starts with the note to (the) extending to an octave and a half ending in E (Mi), though there is also with 45 jets.

A good tool to take you to the beach, what do you think?


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